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Whiskey n' Walleye is an American non-profit fishing organization founded in 2018. It is a grassroots, volunteer-based community dedicated to bringing all types of anglers together, with the goal of improving and sustaining the lakes and rivers that mean the most to them.
Whiskey n' Walleye


Our objective is to improve the environment around our lakes and parks by hosting cleanups and events teaching the importance of sustainable practices.

Whiskey n' Walleye


We focus on preserving the lake's future by stocking fish and funding angler access projects, like new cleaning stations and boat ramps.  

Whiskey n' Walleye


Our main goal is to bring people together. As a team, we aim to restore, protect and preserve the aquatic habitat in the Midwest for our future generations.


Take the thousands of lakes, rivers and streams, combine that with the hidden vastness of the floodplains, marshes and the Ogallala Aquifer, then multiply it by the Great Lakes, the mighty Missouri River and the massive Mississippi river, and you’ve got one of the most incredible water systems on the planet. The Midwest is made up of over 175,000 square miles of surface water, and much, much more than that below the surface all working together to make up our drinking, fishing and boating water.

According to the EPA, about 33 million anglers spend $41.8 billion annually on trips, equipment, licenses, and other items to support their fishing activities. Our goal is to divert just a minuscule percentage of that back into the lakes, rivers and parks to benefit the walleye, improve fishing and clean up waterways throughout the Midwest.





Whiskey n' Walleye raises money from memberships, merchandise and sponsors to support things like stocking fish, funding angler access projects and promoting practices like catch and release. You are invited to become part of a national alliance of avid outdoorsmen and fishing fanatics, dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of fresh fish and clean lands. 

By becoming a member of Whiskey n' Walleye, you are doing your part to help protect and clean up our freshwater system as well as improve the fishing and wildlife habitat for years to come. Together, we can restore, protect and preserve our lands to benefit the outdoors and fishing for years to come. Do your part for the future of fishing and join today!

Annual Membership Benefits
  • Discounts on our sponsored brands

  • Members-only quarterly fishing report newsletter

  • FREE drinks at ALL events

  • FREE meals at ALL events

  • FREE sponsored items at ALL events

  • New network to meet new fishing buddies

  • First or exclusive access to sponsored events and tournaments\

That’s why Whiskey n’ Walleye was created and that’s where YOU come in!




Our sponsorships are what keep the wheels turning. Contact us today to learn about promotional and marketing opportunities for your company. Become a sponsor to be featured on our social media and in our newsletters. Email russ@whiskeynwalleye.com for more information.




After the cookout and clean up, we are focused on giving back. Whiskey n' Walleye donates a portion of each membership purchased to our partners. Contact us today to explore a potential partnership. Email russ@whiskeynwalleye.com for more information.


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Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.

~ Henry David Thoreau





Steve lives in Lincoln, NE and is an absolute walleye nut. He has fished for walleye in 15 different states, has two top-10 major tournament finishes and qualified as a 2018 Cabela's NTC All-American. Steve is an eye doctor when he's not on the water. He spends all day and all night thinking about eyes!




Jason lives in Southern MN and fishes in tournaments across the midwest. He runs a smallmouth tournament fishing series and is a die-hard ice fisherman. After many years on the scene, Jason is a very familiar face in the fishing industry and has developed many meaningful connections. 




Taylor is from Grand Island, NE and is an avid multi-species angler and outdoorsman. He has a knack for finding and catching BIG fish and has had success in tournaments around Nebraska. When Taylor isn't fishing he is usually chasing ducks, geese, deer or his two little ones at home!