Hey guys,

We’ve got another special update for all of the active Whiskey n’ Walleye members. We’re keeping it local! We are stoked to announce our 2nd Official Sponsor, Big Eye Spinnerbaits. This awesome custom Nebraska company has agreed to give all members 20% off their handmade spinnerbaits!

We’ve been using Big Eye Spinnerbaits the past few years and they just plain work! Their lures are second to none and are made up of the best components in the world. Here is a snippet from their website:

“Big Eye Spinnerbaits,LLC is a small family owned and operated business located in Nebraska. We are personally involved in making and designing all of the spinnerbaits. We take pride in specializing in high quality custom made baits. Our spinnerbaits have very high quality ball bearing swivels, paint, hooks and skirts with premium blades and beads We have 20 custom spinnerbait designs with 5 different sizes. Our spinnerbaits are made by tournament walleye fisherman, that have the experience to know what you need and what works…

Our mission is to carry the right product lines for success. Our store represents everything that is important in our lives. Jason and our two sons live the outdoor lifestyle every day and will pass their passion on to our customers. Our passion and knowledge for hunting and fishing is well known and we hope customers trust they are receiving the best advice on products to help them achieve their goals in the outdoors. We will give our customers the best experience and knowledge that we know. We love what we do and know that will bring a huge impact to our business.”

This is a great business, and I have gotten to know the owners personally – they work hard to make quality products that catch fish! Plain and simple. The pictures speak for themselves – all of the fish caught in these pictures below were caught on a Big Eye Spinnerbait! If you are not a member, follow the link below to join now and take advantage of the 20% discount!

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