We are thrilled to announce and introduce our fourth official sponsor, Eyeconic Fishing. Eyeconic is a company out of Des Moines, Iowa that makes handmade, custom ice fishing rods. They were founded on the belief that, “by introducing innovative products to the world of fishing, we will increase success on the water and create The Ultimate Fishing Experience.” Their website goes on to say that, “Eyeconic Fishing is more than a brand — It’s a way of life. At Eyeconic Fishing, we ground our identity in the passion, quality, and performance that we expect as consumers. Our products are tested and developed ‘By Fishermen, For Fishermen’”.

Eyeconic was started by Scott Keeley and his partner, and all their rods come with a five-year limited warranty. They just recently introduced the John Grosvenor Panfish Series 25-inch Ultra Lite, which looks like it could do some damage on the sandhill lakes of Nebraska or glacial lakes of South Dakota. They also have a 32-inch Mag Lite Fast and Extra Fast rod that can be used to ice big walleye, plus they have promised a brand-new rod rolling out this winter.

With this sponsorship we hope to offer official Whiskey n’ Walleye members access to quality handmade ice fishing rods at a reasonable, and discounted price, as well as increase awareness and social media followers for an awesome upcoming brand like Eyeconic. We are excited to partner with a likeminded business that puts the consumer first and understands the importance of community. Their attention to detail and aesthetic when rod-building is exactly what Whiskey n’ Walleye stands for and supports. Welcome to the team Eyeconic Fishing!